Semester Exam of B.Sc. (Ag.)  will be start on date  11-12-2014  and M.Sc. (Microbiology and Biotechnology) will be start on 16-12-2014. 

More detail about the scheme may be downlaod from Kanpur University website.



Principal's foreword

       Three are based on the progress of any educational institution - the management system, teacher and student, if these three -  their duties and obligations are discharged from the fidelity and sense of dedication, the educational institution in society that offer such a perfect example. Is our pleasure to be in the rural regions and in spite of limited resources and achievements in Janta College Bakewar the criteria established by the academic reputation of the college in the state has not only brought pride to the country and abroad. 

The Holy Spirit as the college was founded five decades ago from today. Of the heart fills with pride when writing this from the burden of handling those "high-minded" thinkers, whether they are related to the management system or the teachers involved in the teachers, the full dedication of all of the college contributed a remarkable progress and reputation may grow and increase the glorious tradition of the work, our current management committee and responsible lecturer College Secretary Mr. Anand Swaroop Mishra are in the guide. Success in this glorious not to mention the contribution of the college students should be disciplined so that will remain unfulfilled. It seems strange at a time when valuable lifestyle of today's society, devaluation is a lack of, as it is declined, especially in education, then also required by the School Education significantly retained the dignity and the unwavering belief of people in his testimony.

College management and be active in this effort are always of Lecturer science, agriculture, Industrial, Commerce - Business and technical education are the needs for modern discoveries and new - by providing new information and tools students - students of economic should be learning, cultural education as well as moral discipline and giving them experience of service to the nation be made a worthy citizen. We experience the success of these efforts also require parents to give their son around the home such cultural environment, they come to college with higher education - became the father of high thoughts.

We will work together all the Janta College Bakewar, its proud identity and reputation will continue to meet academic expectations come true. 

(Dr. R. R. Agrawal)


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